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We at IFDIA developed this blog-spot as an open community forum. If we at IFDIA can’t answer your question, we are hopeful that someone else can.

This blog is for general questions. Once you register on our site, you will be able to see specific information geared towards your specific membership class in our password protected forums. This means, if you are an AHJ, you will see specific information for you and your compatriots. If you are a building/property owner, you will be able to ask private questions and just generally be able to talk about the fire door inspectors behind their back. Kidding.

You could, but you could also just find out necessary information. If you are a fire door inspector, you can discuss new tools, new methods of inspection, what insurance company to  use etc.  So, this blog can be used for some of these issues, but membership allows for private forums too. Just an FYI.

Here’s the deal. In 2007, the National Fire Protection Association published a new edition of their Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. This Standard is called NFPA 80.  Essentially, this standard calls for annual inspection of fire listed doors.

Now, before you freak out and think that the door from your house to your garage will need to be inspected (these are all typically fire doors), you should be aware that this standard and requirement is mostly geared towards commercial, institutional and industrial doors.

Why did the Standard change?

The NFPA published this new edition of NFPA 80 with the requirement for annual fire door inspections due to recent fires where loss of life was very heavy (and preventable) because of fire doors not working properly.

So, what can we, at the IFDIA do for you?

Well, if you own a commercial property, or are a manager of a commercial property, you need to have your fire doors inspected. No kidding. It’s true. The fire marshal may come out to inspect, but frankly, they are very busy and even though they may have made the requirement part of their local code (most of them have adopted this requirement), they don’t have enough people, or time, to send out a code enforcement person every year, to every building in their jurisdiction.

Just because they can’t make it out to your place though, does not relieve you of responsibility. Really, the responsibility is yours anyway. Just as you are responsible for having your sprinkler systems tested, your extinguisers maintained and other on-going maintenance performed, you are required to make sure your buildings are safe for occupancy. This means, the responsibility for fire door maintenance and inspections belongs to you.

Now, as to what our Association can do for you. Once you register (we know, registration is a pain and most of us don’t like registering for anything if we can help it), you will be able to ask contractors (credible fire door inspectors) for quotes. This means you can choose the best vendor, for the least amount of money (or the most expensive for that matter, if you just happen to like them) to inspect your doors.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons you need to register. You will receive quotes via email hyperlink. And because we value your privacy, your quote request will not show anything personal, except your zip code and city. This way, the fire door inspector can determine if he wants to accept your request and provide you with a quote. For instance, he may not want to travel to your city, if it is too far away.

Hey, that’s pretty simple. Your information is private, you can get the best price and you know that your contractor will provide you with an accurate and credible report. That’s another reason you need to register. You will receive an email to view your report online.

The Fire Marshal or Code Enforcement Official will also be able to view your fire door inspection online. This will save everyone time, and money. He can look at your report and save changes right on our website. He can approve your doors for safety based upon the report written by your contracted fire door inspector. He can also say that your doors need some work and will need to be fixed. In this case, you would need to have them fixed and re-inspected.

Anyway, if you are property owner or manager, our association members can make your life easier. No proprietary software, no need for recording devices, no need to shop around by using the phone book. Fast, efficient quotes from highly trained inspectors.

If you are a code enforcement official, you can send property owners in your jurisdiction to our site, or this blog. We would be happy to help. What’s really neat about what we are doing is this…you can be at your desk, reviewing reports and make the final determination as to what is compliant and acceptable.  These reports will be written by our members (all of them with huge amounts of training) and are very easy to keep track of on our site. If you normally charge a permit fee for annual elevator, fire sprinkler (riser) tests etc., you could also charge a nominal permit fee for administration and report review.

If you are a fire door inspector, you already know what we do, based upon the above. Most fire door inspectors who are members of our association, took our online accredited curriculum. If you took the DHI course, we consider your training to be on par with what we offer, so you are welcome to join.

PS…here’s something we won’t do. The Association staff will not inspect your doors. We leave that to our vetted fire door inspector members. Unlike a recently formed association that is basically a selling page designed by the author and simply called an “Association”. 

Let us know if you have any questions. We would be happy to help.

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The International Fire Door Inspector Association is an independent association of contracted fire door inspectors who have been trained to the most rigid standards available. Our membership is free to building/property owners, credible fire door inspectors and AHJ code officials. We created this blog as a means to help the community understand the role that properly functioning fire doors provide in regards to life safety.
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