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We know that trying to explain what annual fire door inspections are, when they are needed and why they are needed, can be a bit stressful. We have been asked to build some promotional tools for use by our members and others, so that most questions can be answered in short, PowerPoint presentations.


This blog page will be a listing of all of our presentations; as they come up and are posted to the blog, our readers are free to download them, use them, make copies of them, or simply load them up via the Web when a presentation is needed.


Here’s the first one of many: NFPA 80 ICC 2013 This link will take you to the AHJ presentation that was given to at a Round Table discussion at a recent International Code Council meeting.

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The International Fire Door Inspector Association is an independent association of contracted fire door inspectors who have been trained to the most rigid standards available. Our membership is free to building/property owners, credible fire door inspectors and AHJ code officials. We created this blog as a means to help the community understand the role that properly functioning fire doors provide in regards to life safety.

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