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Property/Building Owners are reponsible for Fire Door compliance

This may come as a shock to some of you, but…you are responsible for the integrity and compliance of any fire listed door and frame in your facility that is used as a fire door assembly.

What exactly is the difference between a regular door and a fire door assembly?

A fire door assembly is specifically used to stop the spread of fire, thereby compartmentalizing different areas of your facility in order to protect the building occupants.

Fire doors play a critical role in life safety and must be maintained according to strict guidelines to ensure they continue to perform as designed and intended.

In 2007, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published a new edition of their standard, NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. This new edition requires (for the first time) that fire door assemblies be annually tested for a number of critical factors.

Suffice it to say, many lives have been lost in fires, where the loss of life was directly attributable to either malfunctioning assemblies or fire door assemblies that were not properly maintained.

Because of the loss of life and the new code changes, property owners are now being tasked to ensure their fire door assemblies meet compliance standards.

Traditionally, the fire department would send out an inspector to review your commercial property and do a walk through inspection. Even though some departments may continue to perform this public service, there are many departments where the code enforcement official, or fire marshal, is simply to overwhelmed to visit your facility annually. They may have a history of coming by unannounced once a year, or every few years, depending upon their staffing and time available for such inspections.

Because building owners are ultimately responsible for their properties, and because the requirement for annual fire door assembly inspections was not code till recently, many property owners simply ignored the need for continued maintenance of fire doors.

Since most jurisdictions have either adopted the new requirements, or will soon adopt the new code requirements, property owners are required to provide evidence of an annual inspection of their listed fire door openings. They may not have specifically adopted NFPA 80, but most jurisdictions use the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, or at the very least the NFPA 1 Fire Code. All of these other codes reference the NFPA 80 Standard in their bodies.

The IFDIA was formed specifically to provide on-time information to property owners about changing codes and to provide a venue where building and property owners could search for credible fire door inspectors.

We are very protective of your personal information and because of this concern for your privacy, we have designed our portal to allow for you to find a credible fire door inspector member of the IFDIA with ease and anonymity.

How does it benefit property owners to use our site?

Our site has the largest concentration of credible fire door inspectors available. We also provide free membership to all of our members. This includes the fire door inspectors (this means they all have equal footing on our site), to building and property owners and to code officials and fire personnel.

We provide our site services free of charge so that there will never be a question of a conflict of interest. We want to make sure that you, as a property owner, do not have to pay a fee just to find a reliable, credible and highly trained fire door inspector.

Since all of our members are vetted, you will also be assured that any fire door inspector you find on our site will meet minimum requirements of training and professionalism. Now, we cannot speak for the actual work performed by any particular fire door inspector, as each company and each contractor may have differing levels of attitude when it comes to service, making and keeping appointments and generally running their business. However, we can assure building and property owners that all of our members must adhere to a very strict code of ethics. Any member who deviates from the agreed upon ethical code of the IFDIA will immediately lose their membership status and their contact information will be deleted, along with their profile.

Now, from the above, you can see that all of our members must meet our ethical and educational requirements. What other benefits can your free membership in the IFDIA bring to you?

Well…how often do you wish you could get quotes from contractors in a fast and efficient manner? With our free online member site, you will be able to send out multiple requests for quote (RFQ) to multiple vetted fire door assembly inspectors. Your privacy is maintained in the quote request, with only the city and zip code of your project being sent to the fire door inspector. This is to insure the inspector actually provides service to your geographic location.

You can send out multiple quote requests and when you get your replies, you can pick and choose the one that sounds like it will best suit your needs. Both for cost, and any other factors you may have determined to be paramount.

Any quote you don’t accept simply stays in your profile until such time as you delete it.

The requests you sent out to other fire door inspectors simply disappear into cyberspace and the inspector whose quote you did not accept moves on to other quote for other projects.

Receiving replies to your RFQ couldn’t be simpler. You will receive an email with a hyperlink embedded into the message body telling you that a fire door inspector has replied to your quote request. You simply click on the hyperlink and after you login to your secure profile page, you can view and compare any quotes you have received. If you choose to accept the quote, you simply click on the “accept” button. If you don’t like the quote, you can either contact the fire door inspector by releasing your personal information to them (via email) or you can simply click the “decline” button and the fire door inspector will be sent an email stating that the quote was declined.

Once you decline the quote, the fire door inspector cannot re-submit to you and you go about your merry way with the fire door inspector contract company you have chosen.

The fire door inspector will then open up a fire door inspection form in his profile and save it. He / she will then contact you to set up a time to come out to your facility and perform a physical inspection of any doors and frames YOU designate as being fire listed assemblies.

Fire door inspectors are not responsible for deciding which of your openings are actually used as fire protected assemblies, since such determinations are usually called out by either an architect or planning official.

When your inspection is completed, the fire door inspector will electronically file his report on our patent pending report site (the same site where your free profile will reside) and you will automatically receive another email telling you that your report has been submitted. You can then click on the hyperlink, login to your account and view the report.

So, not only is our site free, but we also are an excellent resource for you to save money and time.

You get competitive quotes from credible contracted fire door inspectors.

You maintain your privacy and never have to worry about people pestering you with phone calls or dogging you about their quote.

You do not have to have paperwork that needs to be stored and made ready for the fire marshal or code enforcement authority to view upon demand (they will see your report electronically too).

You do not have to place phone calls, meet with inspectors, ask for quotes to be faxed, try to determine credibility, try to understand a report format or spend your valuable time organizing minutia.

Go to our main site and register for your free membership today. Our members will save you time and money and the IFDIA will always be there to answer any questions you may have.

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Posted by IFDIA

The International Fire Door Inspector Association is an independent association of contracted fire door inspectors who have been trained to the most rigid standards available. Our membership is free to building/property owners, credible fire door inspectors and AHJ code officials. We created this blog as a means to help the community understand the role that properly functioning fire doors provide in regards to life safety.
  1. This is a very informative post! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about fire door compliance for building owners.

  3. Ray says:

    You are very welcome. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any clarification. Most of this information is directly from the fire Standard. Of course, your local AHJ must first adopt this requirement before it can be enforced. We also offer training to property / building owners. If a property owner/manager has extensive properties, it might make sense to have an on-staff person take the course.

  4. Ray says:

    Keeping fire doors in good working condition and assuring that they meet annual inspection requirements under NFPA 80, includes making sure that doors are not blocked or obstructed. What are your thoughts on this situation? A simple annual inspection could have found this defect, before the exit was actually needed. Thankfully, this was not a fatal discovery.

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