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Why Code Enforcement and the AHJ should use the IFDIA

One of the most challenging issues facing code enforcement officials today is the lack of personnel and funding. Since building/property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their properties, including the compliance of their fire doors, code enforcement, fire marshals and AHJ’s can direct building and property owners in their jurisdiction to our free website. Property / building

owners can register for free and search by city, state or zip code for a credible fire door inspector. They can submit to multiple fire door inspectors for quotes (thereby obtaining competitive bids) and choose a fire door inspector who suits their needs.

As an AHJ, we at the IFDIA know you must maintain a conflict free, arms length relationship with any contractor. Your professional ethics prohibit you from recommending any particular contractor. We understand your position completely and agree with this ethical view.

Now, not only can you direct the constituents in your jurisdiction to a site where they can make choices regarding whom they wish to hire, but you can also be assured that our members are also a diverse compilation of credible professionals. Since the IFDIA allows registration of membership by graduates of a number of approved courses, we are, in fact, an open association and not limited to fire door inspectors who have been trained by our association.

Currently, we recognize DHI, FDAI graduates and IFDIA Advanced Swinging Type Fire Door Inspectors for membership and are continually testing the knowledge base of any other association or group to see if their graduates meet our high standards.

Now that you, as an AHJ, understand a little bit about our members, what specific benefit does the IFDIA bring to your department?

We also allow free membership to qualified Authorities Having Jurisdiction. This means you, or someone in your department can register on our site for free, create a profile and review reports.

How did the IFDIA design the site for report review by the AHJ?

We built a very powerful, custom networking and report writing site (so different from what is out there, that we have a patent pending on our method) where you can not only review reports for compliance, but also add your comments, approve a particular report, call for re-inspection, ask for more details, or, simply not approve any opening in the report.

You, as the AHJ have total and absolute control over whether or not a particular door, or complete report, meets your safety standards.

How do your reports come to the AHJ?

The IFDIA is completely web based. When you register, you would put in a specific email address where you want to be notified of any reports that are filed in your jurisdiction. Imagine, you open your email client and see an email list that says “Submitted Fire Door Inspection Report” and when you click on the hyperlink in the body of the report, you will, after login, be immediately taken to the report page on your profile. How much simpler can it be?

What sort of information will the Fire Door Inspection Report contain?

Each report will include the property address, the building owner or manager contact information, the number of doors inspected, the fire door inspector’s profile information, any issues apparent to the fire door inspector (compliant or non-compliant and specific citations for each finding) and a place for your comments.

All comments are date stamped in red ink on the report so you can see in future any added comments or actions to the report.

What do I do when I have finished reviewing the report?

As an AHJ, you can edit and save, or edit, make your determination and hit the “submit” button. When you hit submit, the report will immediately generate an email to the building owner and the fire door inspector for action. If you have approved a report where all doors are compliant, you are finished. You can then send compliance information over to your billing department for a permit to be issued.

Our web portal allows for you to receive reports in a standardized format with audit trail, accessible from any web enabled device and to approve or disapprove any opening in your jurisdiction. Our site helps you comply with paperwork reduction policies and provides a green solution to fire door inspection reports.

Your staff can easily handle the review of multiple reports daily, thereby ensuring a more rapid adoption of safer buildings in your jurisdiction. Additionally, any permit fees will more than pay for a dedicated staff person to manage all of the reports in your jurisdiction on an ongoing basis.

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The International Fire Door Inspector Association is an independent association of contracted fire door inspectors who have been trained to the most rigid standards available. Our membership is free to building/property owners, credible fire door inspectors and AHJ code officials. We created this blog as a means to help the community understand the role that properly functioning fire doors provide in regards to life safety.

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